no colder weather

It’s October 25 and we have 22ºC (71ºF for those of you in the U.S.), but with the, so called, humidex, it feels like 27ºC. The rain is coming down in sheets … real downpours. We actually had a couple of forest fires, so this might be a good thing. Nothing like out west, but still.

The apartment across the hall from us is vacant being renovated … new paint, flooring and even a new stove. In a building like this they have quite the turnover — the young students move often and the senior citizens might move into a home or … elsewhere. The guys that do the painting always leave the door ajar when they finish in the afternoon — this has happened many times before — so I grabbed my camera and went in to take come pictures, as the late afternoon light was good.

They have a spectacular view there, on the other side of the building — they can see straight out to sea. Anyway; ours might be more … entertaining 🙂 Always something going on here — firetrucks and ambulances.

DSC_2215This is Fort Howe — the outlook spot of Saint John [click for better viewing]. Our building is taller, so I was actually looking down on it. Was aiming for the gull who was sitting on top of the monument, but he took off 🙂 There are almost always a few cars lined up there … they go up there to just sit and gaze for a while, in peace and quiet, I guess … just as we do. To the left in the picture you can see a small portion of the mighty Saint John River, on its way out to sea, under the Harbour Bridge. I love this little city, in case you’d missed that LOL.

DSC_2220My fascination with fountain pens and handwriting is still alive and kicking. In many ways I think it’s very much thanks to the online community it’s still so much fun. It even involves a little bit of photography! The shots some people take of nibs and pens are just … wow! In my Instagram feed I see so many marvellous shots. I used to have two Instagram accounts — one for ‘ordinary stuff’ and one for the pen community. That didn’t work in the long run. My old account got hopelessly neglected, so I merged them to @her.nibs. Now I’m probably boring my old Instagram friends to death, as I’m taking part in a daily handwriting challenge, but I’m trying hard to throw in other things too. It’s a very small niche of an interest, but still there are 20,000+ members in one of the Facebook groups. One could get hundreds of comments on a post about blue ink, for example 🙂 … quite amazing.






39 thoughts on “no colder weather

  1. I am still looking for a place that sells ink in a bottle. I can get it ordered in, but no store I’ve been in has had it on the shelf. I’m resigned to a life of cartridges.

        1. Refresh my memory; what kind of pen was it? A converter is a thing inside which enables you to use bottled ink … like a plastic tube with a piston inside, that sucks up the ink when you screw the top of it.

          1. It’s a bottom-of-the-line Sheaffer. I had a pen that had a rubbery cartridge that could be filled from a bottle by squeezing the cartridge, and I had another pen that had a flip lever for sucking up the ink, but that one didn’t use replaceable cartridges.

      1. “Cursive!” Yeah, that sounds about right; ) – my commentary while trying to use real ink and fountain pens. Sort of (a teeny tiny bit) wish I had the time (and patience; ) to give it another shot with the “new” inks and paraphernalia… But I thankfully I can admire your results, hey? Thanks for sharing Rebby: )

        1. LOL @ ‘cursive commentary’. It’s just so much fun, and I’m so happy to have found out that I actually CAN write with a fountain pen. Always had a thing for stationary.

  2. What lovely writing. I can just imagine you photographing across the hallway. About the weather – people say it is unseasonably warm here too (Seville, and now Cordoba) and only two days of rain in Cordoba since July. We say calentamiento global and some reply yes and some say it is un ciclo climático normal.

    1. Yes, I’ve seen your fabulous photos on IG. What spectacular architecture! Hope you’re having a wonderful time.

      Yes, I always try and sneak in, when they’re doing work there, in those vacant apartments. In a place like this, you know pretty much who’s moving out 🙂

      There always seem to be different schools about whether it’s normal or not.

      1. Been bizarrely warm here as well – still hearing Cicadas in daytime and crickets chirping at night – right up until this week. Now it just feels so darned damp (and COLD):): to be at “normal” temps…

  3. Your script is beautiful Bekah! Obviously all of your hard work is paying off: ). LOVE the vibrancy of that hot pink (fuschia?) pen!
    A great photo that: The Missed Opportunity (on Gull just leaving) or Watching the Watchers… Such a wide variety of architecture and busy-ness in that shot: )

    1. Thank you 😊. That pen actually has a name; “Crimson Sunrise”.

      It’s funny; there’s always a gull sitting on top there. We use to say “it’s lonely at the top” when we see it 😊

  4. LOL I thought I’d send you our warm weather Rebby!!! It sure was nice while we had it.
    I too live on the front of my building. I see TOO MUCH. If I could look out back or the side I’d prefer it. When I first moved in here it was fairly quiet. Now it is like a 3-ring circus some days!!!
    I prefer scenery of a non-dramatic variety 😉
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

    1. So I’ve understood LOL. Since we live on the 9th floor, we see everything from a distance. There’s always life, no matter what time of night, and I like that.

  5. Move in with me. My radiators aren’t working, so you’d probably thrive here 🙂

    I noticed that the fountain pen community, while niche, is pretty sizeable. Your Instagram is going through the roof!

    I miss the views from top floors, now that I live on the first floor. But nothing to complain about, many people have a view into a wall, so. What’s great after I moved is that I have whole new areas to explore with my camera, to which I’m slowly trying to return. I’m not sure why I’m saying it. Digression.

    1. That reminds me of the fact that ours aren’t working either. Must call the super because colder weather will come.

      Yeah, I’m baffled by that Instagram account — over 2,000 and I don’t do much there!

      I would like to get back to my camera too. I don’t know why I can’t. I don’t take much interest in iPhone photography either, so I can’t blame the weight and bulkiness of it …

      1. There must be some magic to your Instagram, I enjoy your pictures because of the neat writing – and also what you write. There’s always an edge to it.

        I think I’ve abandoned my camera for this year because last week was the last nice day with sensible temperatures and sun – the outlook is wintery now, and I’m not going out. Also, I went for my shooting trips on the bike – which I haven’t used for some fifteen years. I nearly killed myself. Anyway, I won’t be biking anywhere in winter either.

        Oops. Digressed again.

        1. I think IG is a lot about the tagging. Very generic tags get a lot of hits. Can’t see any other reason.

          I would like to get out early in the mornings when there’s frost. Sometimes I THINK about it, but it’s as if I’m not able to pull myself together anymore and DO it. Lethargy, perhaps?! 😊

  6. there’s a lovely flow and elegance to writing with a nib pen it seems to me. I have a beautiful one and ink but, right now, can’t find the refillable cartridge. A task for another day!

    1. There is, and moreover the feeling of putting the nib to paper. Your words will come out like liquid. Do you happen to know what make it is … the pen?!

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