turn the leaf …

It won’t be long now, before we turn the leaf and enter 2018. Sounds like a good number. At my age, New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean anything else but watching the ball fall on CNN. At least we won’t have to see Kathy Griffin this time — I was never a huge fan, I found her annoying and that’s just my personal opinion.

I’ve bought a new calendar/planner for next year. I don’t have anything to plan except a few visits to the dentist in one year, but I like to write anyway. The planner is called Hobonichi and comes from Japan. Apart from the actual calendar, there is a number of pages in the end … you can make up lists and all sorts of things … it’s all in Japanese! The reason for buying a calendar in Japanese is the paper quality but I won’t go into that here and now as it is of no interest to anybody … it has to do with fountain pens and ink.

X4+qFgcHRRS+PB10BOjESwIn any event; I was curious about what those pages said, and posted a question in one of my fountain pen groups on Facebook. There are people from all over the world, naturally, and many from Japan or of Japanese descent. Shot some pictures of those pages and quickly got them translated. Fine, but what was more interesting and surprising [to me, I had no idea] was this:

With the Google Translate app you can get translations by scanning a photo on your phone! Just by dragging your finger over the text you wanted it to translate, it all appears before you!

Apparently I can still get excited about those little wonders of new technology.


20 thoughts on “turn the leaf …

  1. And not only can you translate text, you can scan the translation and the app will turn it into ASCII text that you can use – to put in a blog post, for example. πŸ™‚

  2. Lol, I know the app exists but never had any use for it.

    I’ve bought my diary for the new year already too. I picked it because it has lovely vintage yellowish paper…

    1. I downloaded it when I was told about this, to see what it was like.

      Sounds nice with the vintage looking paper. Next step would be a fountain pen LOL

      1. Ha πŸ˜€ I’m a barbarian who writes with ballpoint pens. I hate it but I have many of them and don’t want to throw the shit out. I prefer markers actually. Colourful ones. My journaling habit is lasting though, I have several journals for several purposes, so it wouldn’t be such a surprise for me to end up with ink.

        1. After a year and a half, writing exclusively with fountain pens, something has happened: I can’t write with the ballpoint. This is not some kind of twisted ‘snobbism’ … I just can’t. I have ones that I used to like, now it doesn’t matter how I hold them — it just won’t work. When I have to, for some reason, the yellow BIC are the best LOL

          Now I have this new planner I’m about to start on January 1, I’m trying to think of a good way to organise it, but the more I think the more complicated it feels. The general idea is to be able to make some kind of index, so I’ll be able to find ‘when I wrote what’. Guess I’m just not much of an organiser LOL

          1. I think I get you, I believe fountain pens and ballpoint pens require entirely different techniques when using them. Incidentally, I bought a blue BIC the other day, mistaking it for a marker, and it’s not so horrible to write with.

            Maybe you’d be interested in researching Bullet Journal, http://bulletjournal.com/, for some common sense tips on organising your journal, including indexing.

            Honestly, I’m surprised people earn on things like that – it makes sense and anyone can come up with a system like this. I use a similar one but it’s tailored to what I need. Of course, I’m super organised. It’s an illness.

            1. Right, I didn’t think any of them were horrible either, before I started. Now I’ve been going on for so long with fountain pen, which require absolutely NO pressure … so it just won’t work for me with the BIC.

              People can make money from just about anything! With a bullet journal, you have to draw up the whole thing yourself, and it has become almost like a ‘cult’. I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to that. Each new month you have to transfer all the ‘unfinished’ tasks … yada yada. I’ll try to dream something up with my Hobonichi planner. I don’t organise anything — I just want to keep track of what I’ve written about πŸ™‚ Still not sure how to go about it.

              1. Figure out a method that works for you. It’s you, after all, so your needs can’t be covered by some general and supposedly universal approach, like the bullet journal. I’ve been refining my own method for a while now and I think it serves my particular purpose well.

  3. AGREE about Kathy Griffin…she is about as funny as Hemorroids on a Winter day!
    And for me I stay home & watch the different music concerts & ball drop on TV.
    I have to say 2017 was one of the WORST years EVER for me. And Dharth Henry is sick again. This time Pancreatitis….. 😦
    Between my rubbish health & his & all the aggro I just want to kiss 2017 GOODBYE!!!!

    Here is an oldie to celebrate the end of 2017 to!!!
    And I understand that certain paper is better for your kinds of pens…..& by the way your penmanship is exquisite & I adore the Christmas card you sent us!
    Meowy Katmass an Happy Mew Year to you, G & McDuff.
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Dharth Henry ❀ ❀

    1. Meowy Katmass and a Happy Mew Year to you guys too … that was too cute 😻. Before, I used to sum up the year that had passed … in two columns: +/-. I don’t do that anymore, and I can’t say this year was any better or worse than any other, lately. In fact, now that I think about it, I wouldn’t have too much stuff to put in the -column. I’m so blessed.

      1. Thought you’d like the video Rebby!! We gotta laugh right?
        I do a mental +/- list in my head & there were so many negatives it made my head spin. I just want to turn 62 tomorrow & get out of 2017 & into 2018 & have Dharth Henry by my side…..
        A girl can hope…. sighs

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