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Was just looking at my dashboard here, and realised I haven’t posted once in 2018 and it’s almost mid April. Even though blogging is on the back-burner, obviously, I won’t let my blog go to waste. I’ve inserted to much energy into it, at times.

My little stationery hobby took over … the pens, the inks and the handwriting … and more importantly, the groups. When you’re not into it, it’s probably unfathomable that there’s so much to talk about, but one post about, for example, an ink, could render two hundred comments or at least in that range.

Life is moving on, seemingly at a slow pace, but not when you look in the rearview mirror … then the weeks just seem to zoom by, even though I don’t do anything in particular. I’ve taken up reading more than I used to. I’ve always read books, but now I started to re-read a bunch of novels I read in my teenage years. I was probably overly ambitious, because I remember I was thirteen when I read ‘The Great Gatsby’ … in English, for example. I realise I was too young to fully absorb it, particularly not in a foreign language. Same thing with Hemingway’s ‘A Farewell to Arms’. Now I’ve read them again, with great pleasure, and many other books too.

IMG_0931I feel very blessed to have both the time and the means to pursue my little hobbies. I combine them too: I read all the books on my phone … either in the Kindle app or the library app, so I can easily highlight quotations or passages that really speak to me. Later I write them down in my commonplace book, plus everything else I find on the web that I feel is worthy of a second thought.


9 thoughts on “not one post

  1. Ah time – was it really four years ago since… was it really ten years since…

    I read several of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books. I preferred American authors to British ones – can’t help hearing Bob Dylan here from Ballad of a Thin Man – always makes me feel inadequate. πŸ™‚

    Glad to see you are posting. And your header image is a knockout.

    I think A Farewell To Arms was the first book that made me cry – not crying aloud of course because I was a young teenager – but I felt it strongly – it all seemed so perfect and so sad.

    1. Yes, I just looked at a friend in FB and realised I hadn’t seen her in thirty years! Imagine when we were teenagers … thirty years was like a lifetime.

      I loved his writing … the language of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Will read more by him.

      A Farewell to Arms made me weep a little … and that, I don’t do easily.

  2. Love “A Farewell To Arms”! I wonder if I re-read it I would see different thigns from the story.
    I just re-read “Broadchurch” by Erin Kelly as I’d forgotten who the murderer was….It was interesting to see how much I remembered & how much I missed.
    And yes, I tend to read ALOT of “Who-Dun-Its”…..just like my Nanna used to! She was a “Perry Mason” fan…so we read the entire series together & watched the TV show when I was a wee child.
    I love your penmanship Rebby; truly beautiful writing.
    Kiss McDuff for me!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & ~~head rubsss~~ Dharth Henry~~

    1. Broadchurch … I’ve only seen the TV-series. What a scenic place! I believe it was filmed in Dorset.

      In between all this, I ‘relax’ a little with a Swedish crime novel or two … they’re dark enough.

      Thanks for your kind words, and McDuff sends his purringly 😽

      1. Correct Rebby!! “Broadchurch” was filmed in Dorset.
        I’m reading “Calling Out For You” by Karin Fossum….Norwegian writer….she is very good!! Nothing like a murder mystery to keep a person awake!!! Heeheehee…
        it is lovely to see you here again! Kiss McDuff for me.
        (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & nose rubsss Dharth Henry xxx

  3. Helloooo there! So nice to see you pop in. I appreciate this post: I appreciate that you appreciate what you appreciate. Uh. That wasn’t probably the best way to put it. But I got this impression that you’re doing what you enjoy and that you’re pretty good at it – plus it brings you a connection with the community who enjoys the same. It sounds just perfect.

    1. Yes, it’s all good, but in many ways I miss this too. I remember how much fun it was, that first year of post-a-day. I just can’t seem to do anything in moderation β€” either I do it all the time or not at all.

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