smugmug buys flickr

Just read this piece of news an hour ago.

I’ve had my flickr account since 2006 or so, so I have a lot of pictures there. When I signed up, I was clueless about social networking and privacy settings (photography too, for that matter). To me, flickr was just a storage place for photos … so my settings were ‘public’ and I uploaded everything!

Don’t think I realised what it was like until we moved here, 2008, and I started connecting with a few people here. Then I realised they could see everything, and it was quite a job to change them all … I just wanted to crawl in under a rock.


8 thoughts on “smugmug buys flickr

    1. If one doesn’t do anything, one’s account will just be transferred to SmugMug on May 25. It’s been one day since this news broke, so a lot has been written about it. Thomas Hawk has written an extensive blog post about it. I guess I’ll just let it go to SmugMug — I don’t have the stamina to download everything.

    1. Probably quite a few. At least, in the beginning I mainly uploaded a lot of Photoshop graphics I’d made for a group I was in. In hindsight I can’t see how I could be so … ignorant. I wasn’t exactly new to the web.

      1. I read Thomas Hawk’s thoughts on the move to SmugMug – thanks for mentioning it.

        ( I thought I had just a couple of photos on Flickr, but I just went check and I have 125 photos there! How did that happen? 🙂 )

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