This is a general interest blog … about what I like in life … my cat, the Web, WordPress themes [they will change often], my iPhone, my Mac, fountain pens … the list of what I love about life could be endless. I do have a thing for fluffy stuff … cute and cuddly!

This is also a poetry- and reward free blog




10 thoughts on “About

  1. I think blogging about life is a great way to go……there is so much to like isn’t there, just as much to complain about as well……good luck with your blog…..

  2. I never checked out your ABOUT section! So thought I’d take a peek & there is sweet McDuff! He gets handsomer as he matures; jut like Sean Connery!!! LOL 🙂
    And I DO feel like I am chatting with you when we interact on your blog…one of my favorite places to be!!!!

    1. That was nice that you did, dear Sherri-Ellen! And that’s so true about McDuff. He has a very handsome face said the proud mother 🙂

      Oh thank you, about the blog. This is my online home!

  3. We are all such proud Mum’s to our felines, hahaha!!!
    I like that: your online home…that has a lovey ring to it.
    And I thank you for welcoming me into ‘your home’!

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