cat post [224/365]

DSC_7816.NEF(1)First we had Gerry’s son here, for four nights, then shortly afterwards, my friend arrived. She stayed for two weeks. I think that became too much for McDuff. Normally, he handles Kevin, the son, well, and he never stays longer than four nights. This time it was different.

I started noticing, that when Lena took a nap, he sat in the hallway, gazing into ‘her’ room. He sat there for a long time … like ten minutes or so. Then he started to go into some sort of hiding, in places he never frequents otherwise. He didn’t sleep, he just laid there and gazed at us — a kind of vitriolic gaze 🙂

Lena, my friend, took this a little personal — as if the cat didn’t like her, but I doubt it was that. Rather that he didn’t get his usual amount of attention. Now it’s been two days since she left, and he’s slowly getting back into some kind of normalcy — his usual routines.

My weather app told me we’d get thunder & lightning around 5PM tonight. However; our feline app didn’t show any signs of that and it turned out he was right: no thunderstorm for us. It’s extremely hot and muggy so a little bit of thunder might have cleared up the air but it was not to be.


Quote for Cats [208/365]

cat_animatedWhen in doubt; Wash!

Now when it’s this hot, muggy and miserable in general, we suffer … and so does our cat.

Most of the time, he’s stretched out on the floor, near the fan, like a big piece of fur.

We can help ourselves to the shower, or to just put our heads underneath the cold water tap, but he needs assistance. As often as possible, I wipe him down, thoroughly, with a wet microfibre cloth. Normally, he’d protest so badly against this kind of treatment, but now he doesn’t fight it at all.

After these treatments, he seems to realise that his fur is wet … or at least somewhat damp, so then the big wash ensues. He drinks water properly, I keep track of that. This morning, we’re experiencing a bit of relief, and he’s alright … his usual self.

Tonight, my friend from Sweden will arrive … around midnight. That will be so much fun, and my postaday-project will probably be a little different. I think posts will come in spurts at times. That’s not world shattering news, and I’m the one who cares the most about it.

cats’ hearing [187/365]

DSC_7642.NEFI get up quite some time before Gerry, my husband. Never does a “routine” seem more important and pronounced than in the mornings. McDuff, our cat, greets me, out in the hallway, with head butts, and sometimes even a little meow.

When the coffee’s ready, I sit down here and write. First, as of late, my Morning Pages and then I start to think about a blog post for the day. That’s all fine and dandy. He, McDuff is alright with that and the three treats I gave him while waiting for the coffee.

However … should this procedure take a few minutes more than he’s used to, then the “terror” commences. First, subtly, by just sitting on the floor, looking at me intensely. That’s bad enough — that stare is piercing. Next step: one paw on the armrest of my chair, other paw touching my arm, ever so gingerly. He’s used to that that, normally, does the trick. In 99% of the cases, I just get up then. But yesterday, that wasn’t the case. I held out. I just said something to him, at the first paw treatment, and carried on with whatever I was doing.

Washing paw ~ tasstvätt

Not good. Now the paw treatment + meow + stare began. That was the worst. It became increasingly intense. I just couldn’t stay focused any longer — I had to get off the chair and go on with the morning routine, which means feeding him the wet stuff.

I told Gerry, who was up by then, how hopeless it was to try and write something longer in the mornings, but he just said “Well … you wanted kids, so … ” 😽

We had shrimp salad for supper last night. Isn’t that just a great piece of information?! It’s getting to be hot and we wanted to eat something cold. I always keep a few bags of frozen shrimp in the freezer, in order to be prepared. Now; the intriguing part. As soon as I even touch one of those bags, McDuff comes running … even if he is in the far bedroom! If I open the freezer and take out something else in a plastic bag, he doesn’t react. I just can’t figure out how he can make the distinction between shrimp bag and other bag. I know their hearing is good, but still …

Yesterday was no exception, so he got his quota of shrimp. While I cut them up for him, he  waits, and stretches up towards the kitchen counter with his front paws. I’m amazed how tall he gets.

It was that time again [173/365]

DSC_9984McDuff was due for his pedicure again. His claws were like daggers. Called up the vet and got an appointment for this morning. I’m so scared they’ll grow in to his pads. That happened with my first cat, Hadassah, and I didn’t even notice. Cats seem to have a different pain threshold compared to us humans. She also had such a big fur, so the swelling from the infection wasn’t visible until it burst one night. Of course, it had to be in the middle of the night, when nothing’s open (I did find a vet who was on call that night, though).

Now, these trips with McDuff to the vet, are always painful. They aren’t getting any better with time either. They’re painful for us all; for him, because he’s frightened out of his wits of the whole thing, starting with the car ride. Painful for us, because we can’t do anything to help him. We can’t make him understand that this is a necessary evil.

Normally, he senses beforehand, that something’s afoot, because I usually bring out the carrier. Today, though, I didn’t do anything until the very last minute. I brought out the cage, grabbed him, put him in there, before he even had time to react. That didn’t really help, but it shortened the amount of suffering time.
RipReady-TunaPcs-YF-85g-eng+frAll is well now. He’s recovered and had a pouch of Clover Leaf Tuna.

in the shower [129/365

mcduff_bathtubHow often haven’t I found myself turning on the water in the shower, only to get blinded by the water on my glasses. I’ve forgotten to take them off before I stepped in there 🙂. At least, I’m able to laugh — although sheepishly — at myself.

Other times, I almost wish I’d kept them on. Without glasses I can’t read. That would have to be really HUGE letters, if I’d be able to see them. Admittedly I’m a bit of a sucker for hair products. I want to believe the commercials, even though my intellect tells me NO! “No, you won’t come out with a big shiny mane! Anything that would improve your hair, for real, would have to come from within.” There’s really nothing wrong with my hair, it’s alright, but still I get sucked in by all those l’Oreal, Pantene, Vidal Sasoon … the latest one was Schwarzkopf (not Norman, though LOL).

The thing is to figure out which bottle is conditioner and which one is shampoo. Sometimes the conditioner is upside down — they are good. In my latest case, though (Schwarzkopf) I went wrong already in the drugstore. Must have been really tuned out, because I bought only conditioner, and believed it was shampoo. Didn’t discover my mistake until I was already in the shower. No big deal — there were many other bottles to choose from 🙂.

DSC_9489The above picture is the only one I have of McDuff in the bathtub. It took me a long time to find it, so I’ve put it in even though it’s not sharp. The sweet little lad remembered it’s Mothers Day today, so he gave me a plant … a calla lily, that I love.


cat post [83/365]

So far, during my “daily post-project”, there haven’t been many posts about McDuff. There’s a reason for that; I’m saving him for those days when my mind is blank. I did have a few ideas for today’s post, but it seemed too complicated and involved some ‘reading-up’ on the subject. Perhaps another time.

mcduff_sleepLately, our little darlin’ has taken to going to bed with us … meaning, actually sleeping in the bed. That phenomenon comes and goes in cycles, and of course, I’ve no idea what triggers it. I only know it’s wonderful to have the purring bundle with me in bed. His warmth spreads throughout the covers too, which is nice in the wintertime.

IMG_2522-minYesterday, my husband, Gerry, was cooking a chicken in the oven. As he sat down to peel the onions … in a split second, McDuff was up on the table. He can hear the rustling sound from miles away, apparently, and he loves the paper-ish peel from yellow onions! I give him a few, very small, pieces of it, which he chews up with great enjoyment.

If you start to ask yourself questions like “Why is the cat doing this or that?” … then you get really mixed up in the head 🙂 Our little guy has quite a few oddities, apart from onions, but it all adds to his sweet personality and we love him dearly.

fifty and counting [50/365]

DSC_9984(2)Fifty posts, and not one cat post … until now, that is!

We often wonder if there isn’t a bit of sheepdog in our McDuff 🙂. The rituals, when it’s time to go do bed … his built-in clock is always at work. If I try to sit here, at the computer, any later than usual, I’ll soon feel a very soft paw on my arm. Touching … very gently, while holding the other paw on the armrest of the chair. Continue reading “fifty and counting [50/365]”