Spring Thaw 2018

Just a few pictures of the record-breaking flood  here in Saint John, New Brunswick. The previous record was from 1973 … or so they say. Our little city has really made it to the national news more than ever before.

It’s the mighty Saint John River that’s brimming over . There’s no easy way for the water to get out, as it has to pass through the ‘bottleneck’ called Reversing Rapids. The tides don’t help either.

We are not affected by this in any way. I took these pictures over three days, and it hasn’t peaked yet. There are oodles of drone videos out there, this was just on my way to the local grocery store 🙂.

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What happened to email?

When I left Sweden, my job, my friends and everything in 2004 we all said we’d keep in touch. We were talking about how easy we had it nowadays, with the Internet, email … the instantaneousness of it all, as compared to «snail mail».  In the beginning, I did have a lot of mail in my inbox … we wrote back and forth, and it was fun. Eventually, that petered out — life moves on, on both sides of the Atlantic — that’s only natural, and has nothing to do with the subject line of this post.

What I’m talking about is how the phones have taken over the whole scene of communication. People rather send a text message about something that earlier would have been sent as an email. It intrigues me a little, why many prefer to tap away on that little screen instead of a proper keyboard. Maybe it’s just me — I’ve typed my whole adult life, so that might be part of it. Typing on a regular keyboard comes much more natural to me than the little screen with auto-correct and where my fingers feel like sausages.

Make no mistake; I’m happy people text me 🙂 … it’s not that — I’m eternally grateful people want to keep in touch with me, regardless of medium — I’m just curious about how they can tap away such long messages or perhaps they no longer have a home computer. I have the great privilege of having both an iPhone and a Mac … I get my text messages on the computer too, so when I see it’ll be a lengthier conversation I move over to my desk.  How people can text and drive at the same time totally baffles me.

We live in a time of change (just as we always did), and it’s the same with landline phones. Back home, hardly anyone of my friends has a landline anymore, and if they do, they never pick up because of the telemarketing.

I just wanted to reflect a little on email, because every morning when I check my inbox, there are only newsletters and updates. On the other hand, I get ‘real’ letters in our mailbox and I write letters by hand, but that’s a whole different story.




It’s been two years since I switched from Windows to Mac. I anticipated a steep learning curve, and was surprised that it went so smooth. Very few times I had to ask around. Considering I’d been using Windows since 1996 [longer offline], and was very proficient there, I was glad it was that easy and I didn’t have to pester mac-friends and support forums all that often. Continue reading “Mac…”

quaco light

This is West Quaco Lighthouse, and one of the very few photos in my album that is a little photoshopped. I was into that for a while, two years ago.

Quaco is one of my two favourite lighthouses. The other being Nubble Light in Maine — the most photographed lighthouse in the world, or at least, so they say. I’ll come back to that another time.

The other day, my husband was going through old photo albums and came across a really old picture of Quaco lighthouse … it still had paint on it and looked so fine. I wish they could do something about it … the setting is absolutely fabulous but not many people seem to know about it.

Last night, I was working on another post for today, but I feel that it’s still a little premature so I’ll just let it hang around the drafts folder for a couple of days or so.

For the first time in, I don’t know how many, days, we’re seeing blue skies and sunshine! The fog we had stayed unusually long and was to thick I couldn’t see the street down below. This might be a day for some picture taking.

Here’s Quaco, in case this picture made you want to visit…