What happened to email?

When I left Sweden, my job, my friends and everything in 2004 we all said we’d keep in touch. We were talking about how easy we had it nowadays, with the Internet, email … the instantaneousness of it all, as compared to «snail mail».  In the beginning, I did have a lot of mail in my inbox … we wrote back and forth, and it was fun. Eventually, that petered out — life moves on, on both sides of the Atlantic — that’s only natural, and has nothing to do with the subject line of this post.

What I’m talking about is how the phones have taken over the whole scene of communication. People rather send a text message about something that earlier would have been sent as an email. It intrigues me a little, why many prefer to tap away on that little screen instead of a proper keyboard. Maybe it’s just me — I’ve typed my whole adult life, so that might be part of it. Typing on a regular keyboard comes much more natural to me than the little screen with auto-correct and where my fingers feel like sausages.

Make no mistake; I’m happy people text me 🙂 … it’s not that — I’m eternally grateful people want to keep in touch with me, regardless of medium — I’m just curious about how they can tap away such long messages or perhaps they no longer have a home computer. I have the great privilege of having both an iPhone and a Mac … I get my text messages on the computer too, so when I see it’ll be a lengthier conversation I move over to my desk.  How people can text and drive at the same time totally baffles me.

We live in a time of change (just as we always did), and it’s the same with landline phones. Back home, hardly anyone of my friends has a landline anymore, and if they do, they never pick up because of the telemarketing.

I just wanted to reflect a little on email, because every morning when I check my inbox, there are only newsletters and updates. On the other hand, I get ‘real’ letters in our mailbox and I write letters by hand, but that’s a whole different story.




a different outlook [148/365]

it’s a pond

I have an email account in Outlook.com. That used to be called first Hotmail, then Live.com or even MSN.com at one point. Either way, it’s all old Hotmail most people knew (you can still choose hotmail when you want to sign up there). Continue reading “a different outlook [148/365]”

Sat down to write a blog…

about how I’d fallen in love with an email application for the Mac. As I did that, immediately a bunch of error messages started popping up from the very same app I was going to write about! «Oh no!», I thought … «hope I didn’t jinx it!». After some investigation I found out it was Outlook.com [formerly Hotmail], and nothing wrong with the email client. Went to Is it Down for Everyone, and yes, outlook.com was down so I went to Twitter to see what was being said there, and it was some attack or another. No word from Microsoft themselves, though?! Maybe they were too busy 🙂 It’s back up and running now.

airmailappMy original topic of this post was the Airmail. It’s only for Mac, for now. I love it, and can’t wait until they release it for the iOS also. It’s in the works.

Don’t think I’ve used an email client since Gmail started … only webmail. Somehow I came across this one, and decided to give it a whirl … because it looked good, or something.  Everything is so easy to set up and adjust to ones liking. It supports all the major services that supports IMAP, and I didn’t have to fill in anything else but my credentials! Also, thanks to my «Magic Mouse», I can swipe right and left, to delete or archive, just as I would if it was a touch screen. I have a clean inbox all the time, and that’s the way I like it.

I tried using the native Apple mail for a while, but never felt really comfortable with it. If you want to fall in love with email all over again, I suggest this app for $1,99. [boy, I could be the sales woman for this company 🙂 ]


My email account is the hub of all my activities on the web. I don’t see email going away any time soon, even though I had the impression during my trip to Sweden, that texting on the cellphone seems to have taken over for some.  About two years ago, Google [of all companies] came up with something called Google Wave. They made a huge deal of it; stated that it would be «the email killer», nobody really knew what it was all about because it was ‘invitation only’ and very few had seen it. I got one, and was excited for about an hour, until I started to ask myself what I would use it for. Besides … «email killer?!?!» … I needed an email address to use it in the first place. It didn’t last long … not one year, if my memory serves me right. They have sunset it now, just as they will do with Google Buzz, by the way. Using ‘sunset’ as a verb was a first for me, when I read it.

So … email in all its glory … will probably hang around for a long time. It’s good, it’s free, it isn’t intrusive … you write, read and reply when you feel like it.

One thing about email that I’ve sometimes thought about though — it’s so damned easy to hit the SEND-button prematurely. How often haven’t one wished that you could take it back and edit or even erase the whole thing?! In the old times, we brought out our stationery to write a letter — I loved my cream colored, thick stationery with my name embossed. We read and re-read before closing the envelope. Most of the times I do it now too, with email, but there have been times when I wished I could take it back. One thing that I really think one should avoid is to write emails when you’re emotionally affected. If that urge ever comes over you, just take a deep breath and wait until the following day.

These were just a few reflections on something that we use most every day, and there are now 21 days left of this year.


a new world

When I’d moved this blog here to free WordPress, I quickly made the rounds and subscribed to the bloggers I had before. I must say that I found it to be very quiet on the blogging front, but I thought ‘we all have our ups and downs, that’s for sure’.

This morning, I somehow came across a post by one blogger that I’m subscribed to and started to wonder WHY I wasn’t receiving the usual emails from WP, that I’ve become accustomed to.

Found out that on the homepage of WordPress there are little tabs … and a whole new world opened up to me! Mine was set to «No Email», apparently by default!

I keep discovering new, nifty features here in WordPress, that makes me wonder why in the world I kept paying for the other version.

One thing that I really appreciate, and that not too many people seem to know about is the «Reply to comments by Email». I don’t know, but I find that so incredibly convenient …

When in the Discussion settings, you’ll have to scroll down just a little bit to see this.

This is so cool, because not only you, yourself, but also your commentors can reply by email.

Okay, it’s a personal choice — many like to go to, either the actual blog page, or the comments section on the dashboard, to reply, but me … I just love the email replying. Perhaps because I always have the Gmail tab open in my browser.

This was not at all what I’d planned to write about today — was just so surprised when I found out I had a whole slough of posts that I’d missed.

It’s a glorious day and hopefully I can get out and get some photos taken. This was yesterday’s.

I really have a thing for water drops!