no colder weather

It’s October 25 and we have 22ºC (71ºF for those of you in the U.S.), but with the, so called, humidex, it feels like 27ºC. The rain is coming down in sheets … real downpours. We actually had a couple of forest fires, so this might be a good thing. Nothing like out west, but still.

The apartment across the hall from us is vacant being renovated … new paint, flooring and even a new stove. In a building like this they have quite the turnover — the young students move often and the senior citizens might move into a home or … elsewhere. The guys that do the painting always leave the door ajar when they finish in the afternoon — this has happened many times before — so I grabbed my camera and went in to take come pictures, as the late afternoon light was good.

They have a spectacular view there, on the other side of the building — they can see straight out to sea. Anyway; ours might be more … entertaining 🙂 Always something going on here — firetrucks and ambulances.

DSC_2215This is Fort Howe — the outlook spot of Saint John [click for better viewing]. Our building is taller, so I was actually looking down on it. Was aiming for the gull who was sitting on top of the monument, but he took off 🙂 There are almost always a few cars lined up there … they go up there to just sit and gaze for a while, in peace and quiet, I guess … just as we do. To the left in the picture you can see a small portion of the mighty Saint John River, on its way out to sea, under the Harbour Bridge. I love this little city, in case you’d missed that LOL.

DSC_2220My fascination with fountain pens and handwriting is still alive and kicking. In many ways I think it’s very much thanks to the online community it’s still so much fun. It even involves a little bit of photography! The shots some people take of nibs and pens are just … wow! In my Instagram feed I see so many marvellous shots. I used to have two Instagram accounts — one for ‘ordinary stuff’ and one for the pen community. That didn’t work in the long run. My old account got hopelessly neglected, so I merged them to @her.nibs. Now I’m probably boring my old Instagram friends to death, as I’m taking part in a daily handwriting challenge, but I’m trying hard to throw in other things too. It’s a very small niche of an interest, but still there are 20,000+ members in one of the Facebook groups. One could get hundreds of comments on a post about blue ink, for example 🙂 … quite amazing.






Apriluary [101/365]

It’s three degrees below freezing and an ice cold wind is howling on this 10th of April. We were supposed to get snow overnight and all day today, but that prediction seems to have blown out the window.

The day before yesterday, I had to go down to the grocery store, in spite of the rain storm we were experiencing. Noticed that the Parks Department had opened the gate to Fort Howe (it’s closed during the wintertime) — our look-out point here. “Just because I could”, I drove up there and tried to take an iPhone photo of the city. The wind was so strong I could hardly stand still, let alone hold the phone. For one reason or another, the tides were unusually high — it wasn’t even full moon?! — so that meant storm surge, washed out roads and subsequent closures.

I posted my picture to Instagram anyway, and said “it must be spring because they’ve opened the gate to Fort Howe!”

Yesterday, there were some remnants of the storm. Crashing waves, nothing really spectacular, but you could see, from the debris up on the parking lot, how high up the water had been.

DSC_9009-minIn the park, we met a group of deer. Five, I think they were. Deer are funny, in that way they’re so curious! They stop and stare at you! If I were a deer, I’d run away as soon as I saw a human being! What do they know … it was a camera I was holding, but it could just as well have been a firearm. I’ve chosen this photo for this post … I liked it as I got both her face and cute rear end in the same picture.

So … this is my 100th post in my little “challenge”. So far, so good! It still hasn’t begun to feel like a burden — still fun! 🙂


the snow levels [19/365]

The snow levels are still comfortable, compared to last year’s. But then we got 50 centimetres (20″) in one day, and it didn’t start until late January. The risk [or chance? 🙂 ] of another record breaking winter is still there. I don’t care which, since I’m in the fortunate situation I can do or don’t do whatever I want. No shovelling, nothing pressing to get out and slide around in it.

We did go out today, ran some errands. The wind was biting, through skin and bones … ‘nippy’ would be to mild a word.

IMG_2257-minI took this, while I was waiting for my husband, who was having a haircut, to give you an idea of the snow and our surroundings. It’s Lansdowne Ave. I’m standing with the back towards our building, which is way up high. It’s nice to walk down to the grocery store — the green sign you see to the right of Subway — but to walk home from there, with grocery bags, really gives you a good workout. It’s very steep uphill.

To the left, outside the picture, is a small strip mall, with a drugstore, amongst others. So it’s a good location, where everything is handy. This is called the North End of Saint John. If I were to walk in the opposite direction, I’d be downtown in ten minutes. Couldn’t think of a better location to live in this little city.

forthowe_buildingHere’s an older picture, where you can see part of our building looming large …  [all pictures are clickable]


iPhone fun

Was inspired by a post in Quotidian Hudson’s blog, grabbed my phone and went out on the balcony. I have tried this once before … when the function was just released, but then I forgot about it: the panoramic picture.

True to myself, I had no planning whatsoever — this would turn out better on a cloudy day. No matter how I turned, I got the blazing sunshine straight into the camera-eye.

The first picture is the view we have from our balcony … Saint John’s north end. The second, I went across the street and up on Fort Howe — the historic look-out point. There were strong, gusty winds … I will do this again, for sure, because it was a lot of fun. Please, click on each picture … they will open in a new tab …for full effect. I’ve resized them, in order to minimize download speed.



Howe now … Fort How?

Across the street from us, there is a hill called Fort Howe. Right now it could have been renamed Fort Hog [as in groundhog]. I had nothing pressing at hand today and the weather was fair — I grabbed my camera and a handful of peanuts. Now I’m going to bring you, my blogging buddies, with me on a walk up on Fort Howe.

Chose the rear entrance, from Kitchener St. It’s less steep — I’m not the world’s fittest person.

What’s that …a cannon?! Naww…I think it’s a howitzer!

Nobody home?! Here I was going to introduce you to some of Fort Howe’s inhabitants. Lots of condos, but they all seem to be out.

Ahh … the neighbour was home, at least!

Thank you for the peanuts!

There’s some historical stuff up there, but most of all it’s a look-out point. This blockhouse is from 1967, and is a replica of the real, old one.

picture from 2011, it isn't that green here now

During the snow free part of the year, you can drive up there, and there always seems to be cars up there — especially during lunch hour! McDonald’s is located just below it, so people buy their lunch and drive up to enjoy the view while they eat. Were I a raccoon, I’d move in on Fort Howe — must be lots of goodies in those garbage cans and they’re easy to get into too, for a ingenious raccoon, but so far I’ve never seen one — only gulls.

The rest of the year, you can only get there by foot — they lock the gates, because they don’t want to maintain the road and do snow removal there.

You get a gorgeous view of the city, one picture here is from a summer afternoon in 2011, with a cruise ship departing.

When the cruise ships are in, they bring the tourists up on Fort Howe in pink buses. Some days, the fog is so thick so they can’t see anything at all, unfortunately — Saint John being the Fog Captial of Canada, as I mentioned in a previous post 🙂

There are other, cute inhabitants up there, certain parts of the year. About two years ago, we saw all these deer walking along the street (!) on their way up on Fort Howe! We drove to the back gate of it, and got to see a performance you see in this deer picture. That is not very common, though.

AND … to conclude this walk, a little bit of history. I was snapping away up there for an hour. There were so many subterranean rodents up there — holes everywhere, and I finished off all the peanuts I’d brought!

all pictures are clickable for better viewing, and will open in a new window/tab.

 This sign is visible from all of the downtown area. They recently fixed the N, that had been out of order, so now it has a different hue.

Thanks for Sharing!

Marmots on Fort Howe. The little one couldn’t find the other peanut I’d thrown, so he or she tried to get in on the mother’s 🙂

Two of my blogging buddies had posted blogs that really put me in the sharing spirit this morning. Enjoy!

Things like these little guys here above, inspire me … make me happy. Sometimes just a colour can make me happy … it doesn’t have to be the vibrant, blood red colour of the wild poppy … some days in could even be a more subdued colour scheme like this.
We’re all walking in beauty … it’s just a matter of paying attention 😉