Spring Thaw 2018

Just a few pictures of the record-breaking flood  here in Saint John, New Brunswick. The previous record was from 1973 … or so they say. Our little city has really made it to the national news more than ever before.

It’s the mighty Saint John River that’s brimming over . There’s no easy way for the water to get out, as it has to pass through the ‘bottleneck’ called Reversing Rapids. The tides don’t help either.

We are not affected by this in any way. I took these pictures over three days, and it hasn’t peaked yet. There are oodles of drone videos out there, this was just on my way to the local grocery store 🙂.

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FibreOP ~ but not for us

DSC_7324.NEFWe live in a fairly large apartment complex, and the 6th floor is designated to short term living … they’re all furnished apartments in various sizes.

About two years ago, that whole floor was occupied by people, hired by Bell, working with fibre optics. In the evening the parking lot down below was full of those little, white trucks. When they first moved in, I was excited, thinking we’d get FibreOp, but the ‘sad’ part about all this was: They wired the whole city except this building! I asked one of them, in the elevator once, and he told me it was all up to the landlord. They’d have to tear up all the walls and so on. Our landlord hasn’t shown all that much interest in our building, which was built 1967, so that won’t happen.

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying fibre op, so I don’t know what it’s like … only seen the commercials about how ‘lightning fast’ it supposedly is. This is no major grievance … I’m perfectly happy with the Internet we have now. Days of dial-up are still fresh in my memory 🙂

What I did find a bit curious, was something I heard on the news the other day: All the people who were without power, after the ice storm … the ones with fibre op also lost their landline phone! From what I understood, they get some different kind of phone with this service, it has a battery and the charge only lasts for eight hours! I wouldn’t like that!

DSC_7571.NEFYesterday, I went ‘uptown’, as they say here, instead of downtown. Brought the camera, in case I’d see any pictures that needed to be taken. Unfortunately it was during the lunch hour and very crowded everywhere … no peace and quiet for photography. I did take this, though … All those red, brick buildings, were one part of why I fell so much in love with Saint John first time we visited!

Also went to City Market and bought some locally produced honey 🙂


DSC_7351-TWINKLEThis is one thing I love about blogging: I looked up my post one year ago, and got a kind of ‘sad chuckle’. I’d written about a local politician. He was all excited to have found out that Skype existed, but eight days later he was arrested by the RCMP and turned out to be one of the biggest [if not THE biggest] child pornographers/abusers in Canada. That put our city in a state of shock and disbelief, but I won’t dwell on that — he’s sentenced and put away. Please, follow the link and take a read, if you feel like it.

However, it’s fun to look back that way, so I will keep my writings here in this, sort of, ‘diary style’.

This first day of the year apparently started out the same way as last year; gloriously beautiful! Bitter cold though, the temperature had gone up to -4°F,  or, -21°C for us, living in the ‘metric world’.

I read a blog, outside the WordPress ecosystem, by one of my ‘oldest’ online buddies … she was actually one of the first people I met online!

Her post reignited something I thought about at the stroke of midnight here in our AST time zone: How thankful I am to be where I want to be! No longing, yearning to be somewhere else … to be with the ones I love … my hubby and cat McDuff … where I can be ME. Wouldn’t want it any other way!

My Hometown: Week Four -Unique Week

So much is unique about Saint John that I had a hard time focusing on what to show. Decided on three things, starting with FOG! There once was a radio station here called CFBC and people used to refer to it as Canada’s Fog Bound City. Located at the Bay of Fundy, we get fog … lots of it, and good quality stuff 🙂 I like the fog, and the ground fog in particular, mainly because we live on the 9th floor and have a spectacular view of the neighbourhood. On those really hot summer days, the fog also takes the edge off the worst heat. I put in a graphic from our weather page, about freezing fog … I never saw that fog, but it sounded curious. [please, click on a picture to bring up the gallery!]

Can’t write a post about unique Saint John without bringing up the tides. Here you can see one of the highest tides of the world, and when it’s a certain kind of full moon [perigee moon], they’re really high! The main tourist attraction here, used to be called Reversing Falls. The name is so misleading, as there are no falls. They’re trying hard to introduce the new name; Reversing Rapids, which is accurate, but old habits die hard. It’s still being referred to as falls. I’ve chosen a few pictures here of tide running out. If I’d waited six hours, you would have seen tide rolling in. There’s a window of twenty minutes, when absolutely nothing is going on. That’s called «slack tide». When I see all the tourist busses from the cruise ships arriving at slack tide, I feel bad, because they won’t have a clue of what it’s all about!

My third choice for this hometown week is the Trinity Lamp — also referred to as the Three Sisters Lamp. I love that lamp, but the strange thing is that even though I’ve lived here for five years, I’ve never seen it lit! One of the pictures here is from 2009, where I managed to get parts of Queen Mary II in the background.

Having said all that, however, certain things you just can’t show in pictures. One of the things I love the most about Saint John, is its people. The friendliness and helpfulness of the folks here … that’s one thing that struck me on day one! People are chatty, they say hi to strangers with a smile … puts you in a good mood even if you’re having a ‘low’ day 🙂

My Hometown: Week 3- Main Street

This week’s Hometown theme is Main Street … or the equivalent thereof. This sure was a revelation for me — of all the hundreds of photos I’ve taken of the downtown area, not ONE shows King Street in its whole! Parts of it shows here … also how they’ve managed to keep old architecture and mixed it with the new. The red brick buildings is one thing I really love about Saint John. During the cruise ship season, they bring the Clydesdale horses downtown and they drag tourists around. Please, click on the pictures for better viewing.

King Street is the main street. There are coffee shops, banks, art and craft shops and small restaurants. There are also two shopping malls, tied together with a pedway. Market Square, being one of them and it resides in the red brick building you see here. The other one, Brunswick Square, is located inside one of the high rises.

marigoldsonmainThere is also a Main Street, but that’s just a rather boring thoroughfare nowadays. From what I understand, that street used to be really bustling, with businesses on both side for the whole stretch of it, but in the mid 60’s they decided that they city needed renewal and everything changed. One day, each spring, little school children plant all those marigolds. They grow them from seeds in their classrooms, until they’re ready to plant. A rather cute tradition, methinks 🙂

it’s good to be back

Not only in the blogging, but also here in Saint John. Came back the day before yesterday … in the middle of the night, totally exhausted. I’d been awake for fifty two hours, due to some bad planning on my part. Was away for almost a month, and only stayed in Härnösand … my home town.

If I’ve missed anything from my homeland, it would be the midnight sun. Before 2004, when I moved, I’d taken them for granted, but in that first summer, it struck me how dark it got at night! My two previous trips have taken place in September/October, but this time it was Midsummer.

I’ll post a few photos here, that all were shot around 11 o’clock at night…

This is how light it is, and we’re not even close to the Arctic Circle … that’s at least 600 kilometres north of us, not sure.

Getting soaked

Market Slip Great weekend, if you’re a duck. Took this picture with the iPhone downtown yesterday. Today, as I’m basically just sitting around, I decided to take a closer look at the photo editing app «SnapSeed». Thought this, particular picture would be suitable for black and white.

I’ve tried a few photo editing apps, but stuck with two: SnapSeed and Photoshop Express. The latter is very good too, handy if you just want to do a quick straightening. Quite often, my horizons are leaning a little bit, and I can’t stand that.