turn the leaf …

It won’t be long now, before we turn the leaf and enter 2018. Sounds like a good number. At my age, New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean anything else but watching the ball fall on CNN. At least we won’t have to see Kathy Griffin this time — I was never a huge fan, I found her annoying and that’s just my personal opinion.

I’ve bought a new calendar/planner for next year. I don’t have anything to plan except a few visits to the dentist in one year, but I like to write anyway. The planner is called Hobonichi and comes from Japan. Apart from the actual calendar, there is a number of pages in the end … you can make up lists and all sorts of things … it’s all in Japanese! The reason for buying a calendar in Japanese is the paper quality but I won’t go into that here and now as it is of no interest to anybody … it has to do with fountain pens and ink.

X4+qFgcHRRS+PB10BOjESwIn any event; I was curious about what those pages said, and posted a question in one of my fountain pen groups on Facebook. There are people from all over the world, naturally, and many from Japan or of Japanese descent. Shot some pictures of those pages and quickly got them translated. Fine, but what was more interesting and surprising [to me, I had no idea] was this:

With the Google Translate app you can get translations by scanning a photo on your phone! Just by dragging your finger over the text you wanted it to translate, it all appears before you!

Apparently I can still get excited about those little wonders of new technology.


welcome to the future

When we walked in to Starbucks the other day, there were very few people … five, six customers, perhaps. One guy was sitting, working on an ordinary laptop computer, a young girl was looking at her iPhone, with ear phones on, but beside her was a thin, white computer too. Another person was doing something on a tablet. A thought struck me: «Wonder what kids/young people would think about this picture in … say, fifteen years?!» Continue reading “welcome to the future”

Old vs. New technology

As much as I’m a huge fan of new technology, I love my Filofax. That, my purse and my Moleskine notebook … they are items I can never let go of. Could easily put everything on my Blackberry and ease the weight on my shoulder when I’m carrying my purse, but it’s not about that. It’s about the feeling of having this old book … its fine leather, all its little compartments … the little thing to stick my Cross pen into … to be able to physically browse paper — not a screen … to touch the leather.

To be honest … I don’t even need one these days. «A personal organizer»!!! For Pete’s sake … I don’t have that many appointments that I need to keep track of, I hardly have any at all. It’s just a part of who I am, I like to write in it. Most of the above goes for my purse too … and the more compartments the better.

Like any other human being, there have been times when life wasn’t all that rosy, and my Filofax has been with me through thick and thin. One thing I noticed about that was that the tougher the times, the more I wrote! I have years filed away back home, where almost each day was filled with scribbled notes, and boy, were they ever dark! When I read them, I remember well where I was in life and what it felt like. When you’re in the midst of it, I guess you just deal with it, but in hindsight I sometimes wonder how I survived.

At the end of each year, I buy a refill for my Filofax … I look at a year ahead … wondering what it might bring — all those 365 days, sometimes even 366.